Basic introduction of linear light.

2021-05-25 906

In recent year, with the popularity of non main lamp design, linear light gradually entered people's vision, with its simple and generous appearance, quickly won people's love

Linear light is a kind of high-end decorative lamp, which is characterized by low power consumption, long service life, simple installation, length can be cut according to needs, shape can be freely matched, and various shapes can be made. With simple lines, it can create a sense of space, which is suitable forhome, shopping mall, office, gym, KTV , etc.

The lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy, bright lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance and convenient installation. The surface of lamps is treated by electrostatic spraying plastic, which has good resistance to high temperature and climate.

Inside can use LED strip light, with various colors, and can also be programmed online, unlimited upgrade, flexible and changeable。

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All of our Aluminum Profiles products delivered are Rohs compliant, excellent surface treatment and well packaged before delivery.

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Life has always been very complex, but the linear lamp is very simple, experience simple life, let life not be messy and colorful, what are you waiting for? Contact us get more information.