How to choose a "good" lamp

2021-06-11 3395

The best way to choose lighting is to complement your own home decoration style. Now many people, including myself, are very busy at work every day. When I get home from get off work, I turn on the lights. The bright and warm light can relax me.

Of course, there are many options for lighting, and the direction of choice can be considered. Firstly, look at the decoration style. Secondly, look at practicality. Thirdly, cost performance.

In this era, the minimalist style of lighting fits the modern home decoration very well, they are simple but not simple.

70% of people will still choose the simple style, so the minimalist style lighting on the market has a high degree of adaptation. According to the decoration style of their homes, they tend to be Nordic style minimalist style, Japanese style minimalist style, modern minimalist style, etc. ...All you can find the corresponding style of lighting on the market.

The second thing is to look at practicality. The brightness of the selected lights in the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study, etc. will also vary according to the functionality of different areas.

The light in the living room can be brighter, the light in the dining hall can be a little warmer, and the light in the bedroom can be warm and soft; the water vapor in the bathroom is heavier, so it is better to choose bright and soft and not easy to rust in the bathroom.

Finally, you must refer to the cost-effectiveness of some lamps and choose the best cost-effective one within your budget.

Which decoration style do you prefer?