Paralight teaching you how to design the linear lights

2021-06-08 3530

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of linear lights are constantly improving, and the applicable scenes are also more extensive.Linear elements are also used in more and more lighting scenes.The compact and efficient lighting method increases the sensory experience and visual art effect of the space.

LED linear lights are divided into indoor linear lights and outdoor linear lights, which not only meet the needs of basic lighting, but can also be used for decoration. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, local or contour lighting. Today, let's talk about how to design indoor line lights.

1、Neat arrangement

Linear lights are often used for office lighting. The office needs to maintain a formal, serious, and solemn atmosphere. Therefore, the installation of line lights in the office area can be neatly arranged, which can give a sense of simplicity and atmosphere, and make visitors have a good impression on the company after they have entered the office space.

Line lights can be neatly arranged in the top middle of the space, or arranged according to the space. Pay attention to make the light and brightness of the space as uniform as possible to create a comfortable and healthy office lighting environment.


The modeling method is to consciously create different shapes when installing the line lights according to the requirements of the owners to show the individuality of different spaces.

Linear lights are also widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a bright and rhythmic feel. The overall atmosphere can be easily created through lighting. In space design, light is an essential decorative element.


Linear lights are used as art installations and lamps, and they are also very aesthetic. The meticulous and uniform light can be freely changed and combined in the space, bringing basic lighting functions, but also showing great artistic appeal and showing its unique charm and space experience.

Which method do you prefer?