Cabinet light-Paralight

2021-05-28 1128

When we make a cabinet, we generally consider the function, depth, and size of the cabinet. But we often ignore the lighting design of the cabinet.

It is very practical to consider the lighting when make a cabinet.when design a cabinet, Integrating lighting into the cabinet wii improves the atmosphere.

Paralight also have several linear light that are very suitable for various cabinets.


This model is an up-and-down luminous light. It uses one light to illuminate two spaces. It is perfect in any space, making your cabinet  unique.


This model is generally used on the glass of the wine cabinet. It is refracted through the glass lamp, which injects new colors into the cabinet, and the cabinet immediately appears beautiful. This model is used for 8mm glass.


Same like PXG-508, this is for 10 mm glass.


The light of this model is vertically downward, recommended to install it in a bookcase, wardrobe or display cabinet.


It is directly stuck on the layer board, and the light-emitting angle is 45 degrees oblique light, which is suitable for the design of wine cabinets, art display cabinets and other cabinets.


Same like PXG-510, but this model has a 45-degree angle of light.

The above is all the cabinet lights we currently have. Which style do you like best?