Black series linear light--Paralight

2021-05-30 1419

At present, linear light is more and more popular. Some simple basic styles can't meet customer needs. Paralights always accepting feedback from the market and customers actively and according to customer's requirements developing new styles. Recently, through the continuous efforts of engineers, the black series of linear lights have been developed. What are the advantages of the black series of linear lights?

The black lines are installed in the wall. When the light is not on, it is a high-quality black line. When the light is turned on, the black line disappears immediately and becomes a simple luminous line lamp, which can be decorated and illuminated.

A few simple lines of decoration, give the home a simple and warm feeling. Different design, different feeling.

The installation of the linear light is very simple and convenient. if broken, only needs to replace the led strip light or the PC cover, which is very simple and convenient.

Black aluminum profile of Paralight