Trimless linear light--Paralight

2021-06-01 1674

Relying on the simple lines, through the creative design of the space, a variety of simple and fashionable shapes,  light and shadow effects are constructed to strengthen the sense of space, bring people visual extension, and make the corridor of the space deeper. This is the charm of line lights.

Today, I will introduce the most popular trimless linear lights. The difference between the trimless model, the conceal model  and the surface model is that the trimless model can only see the light-emitting but not the profile. The edge of the profile can be seen for the conceal installation, and the whole profile can be seen for the surface installation.

Use trimless linear light processing of internal and external corners, adding unlimited fun to the boring space


2、PXG-302( external corners)

3、PXG-303(internal corners)






Simple lines, after irregular patchwork, also can give different presentation effects