Home application of linear light—Paralight

2021-06-01 1606

Recently, some customers said that linear light are generally used in shopping malls and offices, it is not suitable for home. In fact, the linear lamp can be installed freely and can be spliced arbitrarily, suitable for various places. In home design, lighting is the soul of space and the most important artwork in the home. In recent years, there have been many excellent cases of no main lamp design.


The line presents the beauty,  and makes the space more three-dimensional, easily creating a sense of high-level. The natural and comfortable space lines are exceptional.



Installing line lights on the wall makes the blank wall more rich and beautiful, which not only plays a good decorative role, but also creates a simple and warm atmosphere. And it can increase the extensibility of the space, making the small space look more open and bright.


The soft light guides make walking safer.


it looks particularly beautiful


Install linear lights in wardrobes and bookcases to make the cabinets look more beautiful. And there is no need to look for things in the dark, very useful.

Light is to space as oxygen is to life. Line lights are like elves, filling the space with vitality and vigor.Simple life is a direction we are gradually pursuing. The simplicity and fashion of linear lights fit the aesthetics of contemporary people, so its popularity is inevitable.