How to repair led linear light

2021-06-01 1617

Many customers have been worried about what to do if the linear lights are broken? Is it necessary to disassemble and install again? In fact, the repair of linear lights is very easy, and the cost is very low, and you can install it by yourself. Today, I will teach you how to repair broken linear lights.

Generally , aluminum profiles are not broken, if broken, it is the led strip light broken. We only need to replace the led strip light.

In the first step, we open the PC cover of the aluminum profile.

In the second step, we tear off the broken led strip and replace it with a new one.

The third step,  test to see if it can light up.

The fourth step is to install the PC cover.

Nowadays, LED technology is very mature. Generally speaking, the light strip is used for 5-8 years. Even if it is broken, we can easily replace it. The replacement cost is very low, so the linear light is A cost-effective product one in all aspects.