The difference between surface and conceal

2021-06-01 3607

Generally linear lights have two installation methods: surface installation and conceal installation. Now, I will introduce the difference between these two installation methods.

The conceal linear lights are all built-in installations. After installation, only the light-emitting surface can be seen, make the overall appearance is flat and beautiful. Nowadays, the widespread use of black linear light can make the linear lights perfectly blend into the environment and act as a decorative line. The profile used for concealed installation is generally with edges, so when the size of the groove and the size of the line lamp are not particularly suitable, the edges of the profile can well cover some gaps.

The surface-mounted linear lights are directly installed on the top of the room. There are ceiling-mounted and pendant-mounted two style. The ceiling-mounted type is fixed on the top of the room. The pendant-mounted type is suspended on the top of the room with a wire rope or chain. You can see the sides of the lamp. Surface mounted linear lights are generally without edges.

Anyway, how to install linear light depends on the designer's design and the installation environment, but no matter which installation method is used, it is very simple and can improve the aesthetics of the space, which is cool and beautiful.